Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well well this blog has certainly become an annual thing.
I have been travelling a lot ...last few months have been all about making the most of extended weekends and lazy super duper relaxed weekdays .
Residence inn Philadelphia has been home from the time we arrived in May '11.
life is really easy in a hotel so can get really boring also .. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Barnes n Nobles , HBO , TLC , the gym , Netfilx and the awesome downtown location with all the banana republics , Armanis and the more in budget Macys and H&Ms all these kept me busy and happy !
Lets talk about food baby .. yummmylicious :)
Rohit takes me to all these delicious places, we are having a great time experimenting with all the vegetarian options they have :)
So here is a quick look at what we have been upto
- The Philadelphia zoo is where we headed first .... I was intrigued , amazed , excited all at the same time ...  the silverbacks are the most amazing mammals I had seen till date..but then a month later I saw the whales in Boston !!

- Our next agenda was to check out the west coast...god bless American Independence .. 4th of july gave us the much needed extended weekend. LA is beautiful. We did the usual touristy stuff and enjoyed it (At the universal studio the king kong ride is breathtaking..I mean literally  ), then we headed to the spectacular beach and met up with some old and new friends ... Perfect.
The drive from LA to Vegas is easy fun and beautiful.
-Vegas my friends is a completely different have to be there to believe it . Word of advice.. try to make it there before the holy matrimony ;P but I had a darn good time, we partied, we played,we won (we were so drunk that we forgot to encash the winnings ;P) almost made it to a strip club also.
- Washington DC was the next destination - with one and only agenda on our mind "The Smithsonians "-- we did the usual Tussauds and headed straight to the museums. Americans really know how to preserve and present .. it was fantastic !
- The expected New York trip took place around Rakhi time (Rachit bhaiyya made it even more funn )
- The next big off was the labour day weekend .. with friends we decided Boston
This is the most adventure I have had in the US of A ... started with whale watching in the Atlantic followed by a super fun trip to Cape Cod (the gay capital of America)
believe me girls this place is more funn than vegas ;D we took a tandem cycle beacuse of mainly 2 reasons first it is something new and a lot of funn and second my sweetheart knows my confidence levels with a regular cycle :) so we cycled from one beautiful beach to another , so much green and blue accompanied by a lot of other colors (rainbow ;D) made this trip the best vacation ever !!

I sit here now writing this blog and planning my next trip . Right now we are madly in love with this Maltese puppy and seriously considering buying him ... lets see how things work out .
Till then hasta la vista

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My first job at LG electronics kept me at my toes for a good two years then I decided to move forward  in the personal front - "Marriage" also because maintaining a long distance relationship is a drain emotionally and financially .
I come from a place where love marriages especially when two religions are involved are not the most socially desirable option  and so after almost two years of convincing, carefully planned surprise visits and chance meetings finally we got married ... Indian Style Big , Loud and very Colorful :)

From one nawabi city (Lucknow) I moved to another ( Hyderabad ) and since then we have been on the move .
A leisurely trip to Italy .. oh sooo beautiful Rome, Florence and Venice. this place is so breathtakingly lovely that the clicks from my simple cyber shot automatically look photo shopped. The Vatican looks like a painting , roaming around in my monkey cap,double stockings & three layers of  sweaters I loved every second of it, all my halters and shorts kept for my maiden trip to the west could not even make it out of the suitcase ;P I should definitely dedicate more time and space to the Euro trip later.
For now I just want to say that I have spend a lot of time religiously following updates from my friends and family and I feel that the time has come to give back to the "virtual society". So more to come on whereall I go, see and do.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I think I'll journey out some day to wondrous lands afar, 
Or even chart a journey to a distant blazing star. 

But rest assured that when my journey begs to take its cue, 
Always know that when I go, this journey takes you too." 

                                                                                                                Mark R Slaughter